64 Slice CT Scanner Reduces the Need for Invasive Procedures

While patients take a single breath and hold it for just six to ten seconds, our new computed tomography (CT) scanner, the Aquilion 64 CFX can capture superior, precise images of their hearts. These diagnostic images help their physicians check for suspected heart disease, often eliminating the need for invasive cardiac angiograms.

"We are now equipped to deliver the latest, noninvasive cardiac exams to our patients," explained Daryl Mathern, Diagnostic Imaging Director. "The new scanner helps us detect signs of heart disease at its earliest stages by quickly and easily capturing images of the heart and coronary arteries. At the first sign of symptoms, we can quickly scan for blocked arteries with a Coronary CTA exam to see if patients are at risk for a heart attack."

The 64 Slice CT Scanner delivers high-speed, high-resolution imaging, which allows physicians to capture precise images of any area of the body, including the rapidly moving heart and lungs. With the fastest scanning capability in the market, the system allows important diagnostic information concerning the heart to be obtained within a single breath-hold.

Virtual Colonoscopy is another non-invasive diagnostic exam available with the Aquilion 64. The scanner provides a minimally invasive procedure that helps physicians detect polyps and cancers in their early stage with a 3D fly-through of the colon. And, if a follow-up procedure is needed, the surgeon will know exactly where the abnormality is.

For details about Coronary CTA exams or virtual colonoscopy contact Diagnostic Imaging at (307) 864-5047 or 1-800-788-9459.