Patient Satisfaction

    Patient satisfaction scores are a reflection of our commitment to keep the patient and their family members as the center of all that we do.

    Inpatient Satisfaction Survey

    Anyone who has stayed overnight at HSCMH will receive an Inpatient Satisfaction Survey from our vendor, Press Ganey. Discharged patients are encouraged to fill out the form and return it in the envelope provided by Press Ganey. 1 is very poor while the highest number 5, is very good. Our employee program to improve our Inpatient Satisfaction scores is Strive for Five which encourages employees to improve customer service. Patients are encouraged to fill in the 5s, if earned, but we also want to know how we can improve. Please fill out your survey, when it arrives by mail, and let us know what HSCMH can do to ensure that we will always be your first choice for health care services.

    Hospital Compare.

    Department Satisfaction Survey

    In addition to the Inpatient Satisfaction Survey, clinical departments such as Cardiopulmonary Services, Imaging, Surgical Care, and Laboratory may have their own satisfaction surveys. These surveys are designed to give each department an idea of how you feel about the department's services. They do not take the place of the Inpatient Satisfaction Survey.